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CAN INCELER  Motion Designer

The Securest Adventure

Web Game Design - Lassa

Lassa - The Securest Adventure is designed as an advergame. The game had 250 steps and the goal was to come to the conclusion in the quickest and securest way. The theme was to show that a Lassa car stands out in all-natural conditions.

The content design and layout was prepared by the project’s art director Ufuk Çetincan.

Environment, 3D object layout, modelling, texturing and look development stages are created by Basthead.

Various plug-ins and software are combined for this project in order to optimize the visual data. After a lot of tests and r&d, the game came to its final look and optimized size which is suitable for a website.

Client: LASSA
Agency: 4129 Grey

Studio: Basthead
CG Supervisor: Can Inceler 

Art Direction: Ufuk Çetincan

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