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CAN INCELER  Motion Designer

Table Mapping

Projection Mapping - Coca Cola

After long-lasting work processes, we’re presenting our Coca-Cola Table Projection Mapping project. We’re thankful to Antilop for working with us after they’re done with the script and concept design stages.  

The project is designed as an experience for the people who are going to eat their dinner on circular tables at Coca-Cola’s event. As Basthead, we completed the storyboard, character design, modelling, environment design, animation, look development and compositing stages.

  Various software is used during this project. The fundamental software was 3Ds Max. For the VFX stages, we preferred Houdini and as the render engine, we used Redshift. Liquid and ice simulations are made with Phoenix FD. Because the video will be projected to a table, the camera needed to become deformed. So, after lots of projection tests, the ideal viewpoint is obtained.   Hope you’ll enjoy it, too.


Client: Coca Cola İçecek

Agency: Antilop
Creative Directors: Maurizio Braggiotti (Antilop) / Efe Mert Kaya (Antilop)
Production Director : Serkan Arslan

Sound Design: Kerim Karaoğlu (Antilop)


Studio: Basthead

Director / CG Supervisor: Can İnceler
VFX Artist: Muhammet Altun
Character Modelling / Animation: Yusuf Devrim
Compositing: Can Küngör
Storyboard Artist: Ömer Gazi Yılmaz

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