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CAN INCELER  Motion Designer

Tencent Agriculture

TV Commercial - Tencent

As a Director and CG Supervisor, I recently completed a project where I utilized Redshift, Maya, and Cinema 4D to create a visually engaging movie. All character animations were meticulously crafted using Maya by skilled character animators.  I took charge of building every scene from scratch, developing the environment, props, and lighting to ensure a cohesive visual narrative.

Collaborating closely with a storyboard artist, we created a detailed storyboard that served as a blueprint for the project.  Gathering all the scenes in Cinema 4D, I seamlessly integrated them to optimize placement and timing, creating a smooth flow throughout the movie. I also oversaw the post-production process in Cinema 4D, fine-tuning the scenes and applying visual effects.  By employing Redshift, Maya, and Cinema 4D.

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