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CAN INCELER  Motion Designer

We Survive

Intro - Artz & Bugy

I served as both a Director and CG Supervisor, overseeing the entire process of scenes' look development and assembly. Utilizing industry-standard tools such as Redshift, Cinema 4D, Maya, and After Effects, I ensured the highest quality visual output. To establish a shared understanding with the client,

I meticulously curated references and created a comprehensive mood board.  The project centred around the creation of an album teaser for the esteemed singer EZHEL. Taking charge of managing and directing a team of skilled freelancers, I orchestrated their efforts to achieve exceptional results. To enhance the visual impact, we employed Houdini for fire and cloth simulations, adding dynamic elements that elevated the overall production value.  Throughout this endeavour, I maintained a professional and clear approach, focusing on delivering a flawless outcome. By leveraging my expertise in directing, CG supervision, and effective project management, I successfully collaborated with the freelancers to achieve a perfect result. 

Director: Can Inceler
Creative Producer:Didem Tosya
3D Generalist: Ege Can Keleş
3D Artist: Oğuz Özpamuk
Studio: Basthead Animation Studio

Creative Director: Oğuzcan Pelit

Producer: Kasım Bektaş
Voice-over: Haluk Bilginer
Vocals: Su Sonia Herring
Music: Efe Çelik, Anıl Buğra Gürel
Produced by: Artz, Bugy

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